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DJ Kunal The Mixtape – The Official Vix Review!



1) Dil De Kabootar | Produced By DJ Kunal
Well as far as "Opening Tracks" are concered, this track is no different. Bumpy, jumpy and full of life. A great track, great music, and good vocals from Amrik Jassal. Even though many people have probably already heard this track a fair few times before release, but still isnt a track you get bored of easily.
Track Rating: 4/5

2) Shartan | Produced By DJ Kunal
Sharta is a good, and happening track, lively as far as it goes. The bassline cracks thru the woofers, and powerful vocals by Mr Sunil Basra. Definatly a track that im feeling, and perhaps i might even repeat it….. Nahhhh not that good. But still a good typical VIP records track.
Track Rating: 3/5

3) Karak | Produced By Specialist And Truskool
One man in london, the other man in leicester could still tell that this is a Specialist And Truskool track, got it written all over it. Good decent track, typical S&T sound to it. No messing yet again, with Specialist and Truskool.
Track Rating: 3/5

4) Hai Rabbha Ki Kariyeh | Produced By Back To Basics
This track promoted fairly often before release, good track good vocals, and even though its not my cup of tea, the music keeps me moving on till the end…. Good Stuff.
Track Rating: 3/5

5) Gabroo Punjabi | Produced By DJ Kunal
My My My, heres my fave track… Heard this on promos and fell in love with it. Very good track, some may say its a typical VIP Records track, some may not, but in my opinion it has a bit of the VIP Sound, but something special about it too! Top Track.
Track Rating: 4/5

6) Sang | Produced By Back To Basics
"Naale Kehndi Sang Lagdi, Naale Nachdi Gidde Vich Aake!" Imagine that pumping out of your motor going down Soho Road loll… Good track very powerful indeed, strong vocals, and strong music. The Back To Basics boys are impressing me so far.
Track Rating: 4/5

7) Doomka | Produced By DJ Kunal
Hmmm not really a track im into, sounds like the sort of music playing in the background in Fifa Street! And to be honest, the vocalist is annoying! No disrespect, its ok first few times.. but it can get annoying!.
Track Rating: 2/5

8) Sada Lut Ke Legay Dil | Produced By DJ Kunal
A song which was featured on Pure Desi Vol 1, still rocking the dance floor. A very good track, have always liked it, and you wouldnt mind listening to it again, once in a while.
Track Rating: 4/5

9) Nach Lain De Remix | Remixed By DJ Kunal
Good mix of this track, with added steps which gives the track somewhat of a kick. I wouldnt say he done the original justice, but he didnt destroy it with this mix!.
Track Rating: 3/5

10) Veer Da Viah | Produced By Tigerstyle
Who's Tigerstyle? hmmm, THIS SHOULD REMIND YOU. An absolute smasher of a track, i've had it on repeat ever since! Typical Tigerstyle sound which is unmistakeable for a desi head. Can these boys ever do wrong? Well not so far :-).
Track Rating: 5/5

11) Kuriye Remix | Remixed By DJ Kunal
In my opinion, this remix is kinda pointless, doesnt do the original any justice, and in personal opinion… i never really
liked the original!.
Track Rating: 2/5

12) Mahi Mehra Remix | Remixed By DJ Kunal
Well Well Well, Look what he remixed! And a decent remix at that, gives the original an urban feel to it, extra bass, but still  has the original feel in the background, Nice One Son!
Track Rating: 4/5

13) Teri Tor Vekh Ke Remix | Remixed By DJ Kunal
If your a dhol lover, this is the track for you, has dhol, dhol, and oh MORE DHOL. Rips through your woofers, DHOL and Bass what more could you want? Pump Up The Bhangra!
Track Rating: 3/5

14) Ishq De Kehda Remix | Remixed By DJ Kunal
Not bad…. again kinda a pointless remix, doesnt do the original any justice. Just a case of chuck a few steps in, add a tumbi  at the chorus, and Job done.
Track Rating: 3/5

15) Lus Lus Remix | Remixed By DJ Kunal
You all remember this video yea? Dj Vips Partytime…. Kunal dancing on stage in his kilt? well yeahh thats the first thing i  thought of when i heard this again, reminds me of the young days lol. Not a bad mix, got extra bass, gives it some volume. Nice  One Kunal.
Track Rating: 4/5

16) Gur Nalo Ishq Mitha Remix | Remixed By DJ Kunal
DJ Vips's version of Gur Nalo Ishq Mitha, remixed. Nice remix, carries on the same sort of theme as the previous track.  Definatly doesnt do the original any harm at all.
Track Rating: 4/5

Overall Rating
Altogether a decent album, not too many casualties within it. Some of the remixes were not necessary, but not the worst things  ive ever heard. Otherwise the rest of the album is above average, some very good tracks, and some good tracks. Well recommended.
Overall rating: 3/5
Review By Vix


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