DJ Harvey Interview by Aditi Auluck

DJ Harvey Interview by Aditi Auluck

First of all congratulations for the debut release of "Giddha". Loved the video!
How did "DJ Harvey" come about? What made you want to become a DJ?

I actually started of as a roade for a popular wedding entertainer from the midlands, watching him creating a party atmosphere and entertaining the masses really touched me in a way that I really wanted to do this as a career so I learn the ropes and started of my roadshow and went under the name of Dj Harvey.
At what age did you start DJ’ing at?

I started djing from the age of 15.
There are so many talented Asian music producers in the UK at the moment, is there anyone one you are inspired by?

Yeah you are right there are a number of talented Asian music producers in the UK. Obviously whilst i was growing up the likes of Panjabi Mc was doing his thing. But at the moment Sukshinder Shinda paaji is really making his mark in the industry.
So Harvey being the older brother, what made you join the UK Asian music industry after Jaz rather than before?

Well me and Jaz actually started  started our albums at the same time but mine just took longer to complete than his. That meant that he was in the industry before me….
Seeing as Jaz sings, do you take any interest in singing? Will we be hearing you singing on the album at all like producer PBN (Punjabi By Nature)?

No I will leave the singing to Jaz lol
How do you feel about the success of your first track?

Ehni Sohni did really well and it got into the top 10 of itunes which was great. Everyone really supported the track which really gave me the opportunity to get my name out there. The repsonse of the track was fantastic and i am very thankful to everyone who supported the track.
"Giddha" features Jaswinder Dhagamia.What was is like working with him?

Jaswinder Daghamia is an amazing singer and it was a fantastic experience working with him. He is very professional and really is a natural talent, and he is full of ideas! 
What is the name of the next track to be released?

My next track is called "Tere naal", its totally different to Enhi sohni and Giddha, and it features Jaz Dhami and Jayshree, a bollywood playback singer from Mumbai. Im really looking forward to the track which will be released in correlation to Valentines day! Watch the Worldwide exclusive on Punjab 2000
Enough talking about the singles lets talk a bit about the album. What made you want to release an album?
From a young age i was  always into music, as a child i grew up listening to the bhangra legands such as Safri, A S Kang and Apna sangeet and i always wanted to release a album with a line up of all my favorite singers to date, and so i have done that with a 10 track album feat: Jaz dhami, jaysheere, Late kaka bhaniawala and many more. so watch out!!!
From everyone at the Punjab 2000 team thank you for taking time out to tell us a bit about the start of your music career. Good luck with the release of your forthcoming album.
Quick fire round

Miss Pooja or Raman Aujla?
Miss Pooja

Sukhshinder Shinda or Aman Hayer?
Sukshinder Shinda

Jaz Dhami or H Dhami?
Imran khan lol

Rishi Rich or PBN?