More so than any other job in the music industry, a DJ is the main man rocking the party and making the crowd go wild.

Born in 1982, Hardeep Kataria was raised in, Slough surrounded by a variety of music genres. Throughout his education, music was identified as an early passion of his. As Hardeep entered his early teens, he had the opportunity to own his first pair of turntables. DJ H had arrived.

Quickly developing his DJ'ing skills throughout his teenage years, H searched for his style of music which would seperate him from the others. His performances of mixing classic urban flavours with slices of desi beats ensured that his rise to DJ'ing in Londons biggest nightclubs was a fast one.
Yet his intimate knowledge of Bhangra music led to an approach to join the UK's largest professional discoteque company, Calibar Roadshow.

With an abundance of commitment and self belief, H continued to progress in the music industry by signing a developmental deal with the UK's biggest desi label, Untouchables UK.

Despite attachments to the industry's best in Calibar and Untouchables UK, DJ H wanted more. Becoming a full-time professional DJ, H's journey had only just begun. H would perform every week in front of thousands of people, either with Calibar Roadshow in the UK's finest banqueting venues, or the biggest nightclubs across the country. In this time, H developed the ability to identify the formula to producing hot music. Slowly H would begin to piece together these musical ideas and knowledge into his first album release in 2005, under the Untouchables UK record label.

'The Debut' album showcased H's variety of musical influences through some noticable sampling, guided by label-mates RDB. Yet it was the opportunity to work with chart-topping singer/songwriter Lembher Hussainpuri that propelled H's name into every bhangra fans CD player and iPod. The club anthem 'Ishq Brandy' was the bhangra record of the year, and the single and album held onto the BBC Asian Network Charts top spot for an unprecedented 13 weeks straight. Additionally, 'The Debut' also remained at the top of Club Asia's chart for 8 weeks. With a high budget video shot in India, 'The Debut' was considered one of the albums of the year, and 'Ishq Brandy' without doubt the Bhangra club banger of the year.

The success of the album forced H into every nightclub in the country, often performing in two different cities on the same night. His international reputation as one of the best Bhangra dj's was also enhanced, with international bookings in Dubai, India & Hong Kong, amongst others.

Not satisfied with one #1 album, H has been working on his follow-up album for the last two years.
Not forgetting his roots, this time H has aquired the talents of fellow Calibar Roadshow member & childhood friend DJ Rags. Coupling their talents and musical influences, the album has already touted as the biggest budget bhangra album ever. Attempting again to re-create a number one album, H and Rags coupled their creative talents with the production skills of close friends RDB and Kam Frantic.

The new album entitled 'Re-loaded' also features the star-studded vocal talents of Lembher Hussainpuri, Kaka, Labh Janjua and Manak-E.

Not rushing the release of the album, H has already shot three mega-budget music videos in Dubai, India and Los Angeles(Hollywood) . Again attempting to set him
self out from the crowd, the videos are to be the biggest Bhangra videos for years, both in budget and quality.

As the industry awaits the release of 'Re-loaded', H has signed a deal with Moviebox, joining the all star line-up which includes Jazzy B, Sukhshinder Shinda and Gurdas Mann.

DJ H now enters 2008 with the ambition to reclaim a #1 chart position in album and singles charts, and cement his claim as the UK's finest Bhangra DJ.

DJ H & DJ Rags – 'Re-loaded'….OUT Early 2008