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Diljit Dosanjh

Diljit Dosanjh raises Confidence for Young Sardars in India and Asia

Confidence rises in Mumbai, cascading throughout India and Asia for young Sardars…

Yes there was a time that the Sardar figure became stereo typed and attached to jokes by certain aspects of media and publishing. This is a very recent depiction of the past decade or so but totally not in line with the true values of what Sardars deserve by any means.

A community always at the forefront of self-sacrifice, generosity, spirituality and honesty this joke tag had become a borderline abusive stereotype in the most unjust way.
But brewing over the past few years and more intensely over the past 3 months there’s a new Sardar in town who really making the Mumbai Sardars walk taller and in particular the younger Sardars leave there homes with a stride of confidence in their walks.
The rise of Punjabi Superstar Diljit Dosanjh has captured hearts of the Indian public and his new show on Colors TV further is proof of the contrast to how Sardars and now being depicted in Mumbai particularly.

Driving around Mumbai and huge Billboards are seen featuring Diljit Dosanjh, Go to the one of the busiest airports in Asia, Chhatrapati Shivaji and again Diljit Dosanjh’s Billboards and posters are seen. He’s fast become a branding sensation and the first Sardar to break down this barrier. Refusing to appear on branding without his Turban even though there had been approaches as we hear from his management further shows his commitment to help represent the community he belongs to.
Our reporter Sanjeev Pathak caught up with students from University Of Mumbai as they explained how Diljit Dosanjh’s rise has left them super exited and oozing with confidence in their personal lives.

Gurmit Singh Bajwa 20 Years old is studying Chemical Engineering He Explained
“Before Diljits rise to stardom we all loved him as he was popular in Punjab and his songs rocked, but now it’s a good time for people my age, I like to copy his clothing and his colour co-ordination and people studying with me now absouloutly love Diljit There was Daler Mehndi and Navjot Sidhu but they are like uncles and not really of our generation but right Diljit Dosanjh is my role model.


Amrit Singh Aujla 17 Years Lives in Andheri Mumbai
For me its just a great great feeling knowing that we have a Icon who wears a Pagri. You see Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan are huge in Mumbai and everybody always loved them but there’s never been a time where the pagri was so desirable and Diljit Dosanjh has sure made the biggest impact here in that case. He also shows his great nature and isn’t like a party guy etc I don’t even think he drinks alcohol etc his songs some reference but I think as he has said that’s just his line of work and what music companies want him to sing. But honestly I’m his huge fan and very proud when we see billboards and banners.

It is fitting that the people of this great community have some positivity I myself have grown up always being welcomed in Dadar Gurudwara in Dadar East Mumbai and I have always not understood the ridicule of Sardars. Thankfully they have a new icon in this huge city and may it be welcomed that Bollywood opens its doors to a influx of Sardars.

Sanjeev Pathak
Mumbai Mediacity Reporter