Diljit Dosanjh Official Merchandise Website

Diljit Dosanjh Launched His Official Merchandise Website

Diljit Dosanjh official merchandise to be released ready for Diwali & Christmas along with pre-orders for his new single #Elsueño a Spanish/ Punjabi mix song with music by Truskooluk, Lyrics by LallyMundi & Video by Kavar Singh. The single is set to be released on 19th OCTOBER 2017

After the fans went crazy for the #DreamTour Merchandise earlier this year, Diljit & his team have now put together a whole theme of official merchandise that will interact with his fans especially those that want to have memorabilia such as t- shirts , hoodies , shoes , mugs etc.

Official Diljit Dosanjh Merchandise video:

The online store is available via Diljits own website www.DiljitDosanjh.com

Images of the Diljit Donsanjh Merch: 


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