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Dilbagh Singh, as a performer, musician, and song-writer, continually re-invents himself and his art. His performance shows that subtle touch of gradual maturing and the feeling of that sublime pleasure which we often crave for.

His gradual growth into the world of music relates to his strong sensibility for this art. His sense of rejuvenation of musical sense with the innermost eternal feelings becomes evident when he combines the most unlikely forms of music with newfound subject matter sprinkled with his fetish for "Rab-Rab" words, rendered with versatile Power. Strong pitched vocals, performed with exquisite choreography and character, ornamented further with the self designed Maharaja Robes, Bejeweled Turban and Jewelry – a Style only befitting a Maharaja.

His USP is his originality. "Dilbagh" which exemplifies the freshness of his kind for the first time in India with his first release ‘Oh-Tina’. The song is so catchy and crisp that it creates that first time recall and creating more than just the sensation

Dilbagh Singh is a Delhi based artist. He was born on 19th Nov. and brought up also in Delhi. God endowed Dilbagh with the musical voice. His early influences on music were by his sister (Paramjeet Kaur), who taught him the ragas and Shabads from the Guru Granth Sahib Ji. He started playing tabla in school programs and some of Shabad-Kirtans in Gurdwara. He got recognized as group captain of school musical group.


At the age of 15yrs he started giving some singing performances in school level Zonal competitions and he performed very well in those competitions. During these days he started learning to play Harmonium, Drum and Dhol. After his schooling he started to work with one of the well known Bhangra troupe in Delhi as a main vocal artist. During this work he met Mr Mika (the well known artist in Indi-Pop) and was immensely inspired from his performances and musical sense. He felt after meeting Mikaji that he had found his Guruji of his singing life in him.

He started learning the basics of music in singing and instrumental from Mikaji. He also started working with Mikaji as a main back-up vocalist during his performance shows. Mikaji during the shows was always encouraging him to start the shows with his singing performances. He participated in nearly 400 shows conducted with Mikaji in India and abroad.


In one of such programs organized on the eve of New Year celebrations at Juhu Centaur in Mumbai, Mikaji got delayed in reaching the venue. Dilbagh Singh performed at the centre stage of the party and kept the crowd enthralled with his performance till the time Mikaji arrived. Mikaji gave his personal appreciation and complements that Dilbagh Singh was now ready for solo stage performances.

After his return to Delhi, Dilbagh started his own music band. His first solo performance was organized among 5000 distributors of Revolution Forever Marketing Pvt Ltd on the eve of their yearly celebrations of the company. The show was highly successful in which Dilbagh performed non stop for three and a half hours. The show got appreciation from a very large group of people and after this show Dilbagh never looked back.

In 2006 Sept. Mikaji called him and told that he was going to make a song and he(Dilbagh) be the part of that particular song. Mikaji invited him to Mumbai for song recording of the film "Shootout At Lokhandwala". That song is popularly known as " Ganpat". Dilbagh’s part in the song was to sing a few lines as " In the Mumbai all over India we are the Bhai". This was Dilbagh’s first studio recording.

That studio performance removed all his hesitation. He came back to Delhi with his Idea of his own music album. He met different Music producers and started working on his album. With his dream of musical album he first met Mikaji and introduced to him the song selection for his album. Mikaji agreed to compose music for his song " Unglan Te Gabru". He met Aditya at Mumbai who agreed to compose music for his four songs including the title song ‘OH TINA’. He also approached Sachin Gupta at Mumbai (Composer of Doori Album on TIPS) to introduce the love song ‘CHANNA’ which he agreed to compose the music. Lastly Jeetuji in Delhi composed music for " Saat Samundar Paar" and Manpreet Singh in Delhi composed music for "Nachna Kamaal and Tina Dhol Mix" .

As a special feature Dilbagh is one artist who conducted more that 350 shows without having any private album to his credit. He is the versatile vocal artist who can present his shows in Hindi, Punjabi, English, Rajasthani, Haryanavi and Bhojpuri languages.

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