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“DHOL” By Gubzy feat Kulwinder Kindda – Out Now!

The brand new single “DHOL” from Gubzy is a dedication to the Punjabi folk instrument that has stood paramount within Bhangra music and has been central to Gubzy’s life from the very start. It has become an iconic instrument around the world for many.

The single ‘Dhol’ was a concept that Gubzy yearned to create since the start of his music production career. Having written the main hook line himself, Gubzy worked with writer Kebi Dhinsa to complete the lyrics. The single features the powerful vocals of the up and coming artist Kulwinder Kindaa, based in India.

Gubzy has been very fortunate to travel around the world performing on mainstream stages passionately representing the sound of Bhangra with the Dhol.

Performing at Hollywood Bowl LA, House Of Blues, Lincoln Centre New York and the Olympics Games in Vancouver 2010 to name but a few. Gubzy comments, “If it wasn’t for the Dhol maybe I wouldn’t have been able to musically achieve what I have today. I respect my Instrument like I respect my Mother & Father”.

The music video for the single showcases Gubzy’s innovation to visually bring the Dhol drum well and truly into the modern era. The ingenious and dazzling modification of the instrument is sure to begin a new trend, with many already seeking to own their own similar colourful Dhol drum and dazzle their audiences. The video also features Gubzy’s own Dhol students, showcasing young and upcoming talent.

This musical project is dedicated to all the Dholi’s around the world – Ain’t no party without the sound of the Dhol!

G – Beat Records
Check out the full video here: