Desi Rascals – Meet the Cast: Rennick Brown, Moses Baig, Vaneeta Champaneri, Arshina Trivedi & Purnima Patel

Here’s the last of the Desi Rascals main characters. Don’t forget to catch the first episode on 20 January on Sky Living.

Rennik_BrownRennick Brown

PROFESSION: Personal banker
CHARACTER: Much to fiancé Vaneeta’s annoyance Ren is a hopeless romantic who loves whispering sweet nothings in her ear. It might make Vaneeta cringe on the outside but the couple are very much in love. Kind-hearted Ren has recently moved into Vaneeta’s family home and is looking forward to marrying her once they have saved enough money.


PROFESSION: Gym worker and aspiring DJ
CHARACTER: Moses is Anj’s mischievous and wilder younger brother. Unpredictable and with an infectious sense of fun, you never know what’s going to happen next when you’re in his company. Most days you will find Moses in the gym, winding up his brother and getting competitive on the weights, except when he’s late for work having enjoyed a night out with his friends.

Vaneeta_ChapaneriVaneeta Champaneri

PROFESSION: HR consultant
CHARACTER: One of Shreena’s best friends, Vaneeta is both feisty and fun. With a great sense of humour, she is often making those around her laugh. Not afraid to speak her mind, Vaneeta will always stand up for herself and those closest to her. Engaged to doting fiancé Ren, she is soon to start planning her own wedding.

Arshina Trivedi

PROFESSION: Co-owner of Bollywood dance troupe Angels and a model
CHARACTER: Arshina is strong, confident and ambitious. She runs Bollywood dance troupe Angels with her mum Jyoti, and isn’t shy about whipping her dancers into shape. Arshina is the star performer, dominant and straight talking. Striving for perfection, she will stop


Purnima Patel

PROFESSION: Supermarket stock control administrator
CHARACTER: Married to Shreekant for over 40 years, Purnima is a doting mother and wife. Successfully combining tradition with an appreciation for changing times, she is aware of the generation gap between her and her children. She knows it will be difficult when youngest daughter Shreena leaves the family home but also understands the need for Shreena to fulfill her new role as the respectful daughter-in-law.