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Delivering the most exclusive content of South Asian entertainment to the global net audience is rapidly securing the largest online movie subscriber base in the world and fast becoming the number one release site for Bollywood and South Asian films. Through this rapid expansion, is establishing itself as the major online advertising and film promotion vehicle to reach the South Asian audience on an international level.  
It is also the only online destination that can claim to be genuinely South Asian with content that spans Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi and Bengali movies, as well as hosting an exclusive range of Pakistani television shows and music encapsulating the best of the Bollywood, pop, classical and Sufi musical genres. has developed one of the most technically efficient and user friendly routes by which to view or download South Asian entertainment, following simple instructions that also allow viewers to link their PC’s directly to TV. Virtually all of its unparalleled portfolio of content is held on an exclusive basis and cannot be viewed or downloaded from any other medium be it DVD, TV, cinema or online. 
With unrivalled potential for the South Asian Diaspora and Bollywood film enthusiasts worldwide, has established synergies with some of the world’s most well known entertainment brands and media outlets. has partnered with major studios such as UTV, Adlabs, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Venus, to stream films, trailers and special clips ranging from the critically acclaimed – Black, Chameli and Raincoat; blockbusters – Saawariya and Goal; to classics such as Umrao Jaan and Do Anjane. 
With an impressive list of Bollywood and mainstream film production credits to his name, and a wealth of experience in the South Asian entertainment industry behind him, Nigel Glynn-Davies, CEO, comments,
We have been delighted with the unprecedented success of since its launch in 2005. With an already phenomenal client base, we are looking forward to an exciting growth towards collaborations and partnerships with the key production output houses in the realm of Bollywood and South Asian entertainment per se. This is the most natural progression for, which has already succeeded in surpassing many of its counterparts.”