Delhi fashions to Amaatra’s ethnic jewellery collection

The showcasing of the ethnic jewellery by Amaatra at New Delhi, which was held between the 20th and 23rd August 2015, was a grand affair living upto the pre-event built up. The rare curated jewellery drew much acclaim and indeed turned out to be a head turner. The lovely reds and blues, greens and ambers, the bright and colourful pom-poms, the falling chains of assorted lengths, generated a lot of interest among man, women, the young ones and the elderly alike. The surprise package was the college goers, who got attracted to the spunky products for its ability to bring colours into life.


What’s more! The versatility of each piece, be it for the neck or ears or your wrists, make for a perfect wear over any kind of outfit at any time of the day or evening was appreciated. As one of the visitor said, ” The collection brings zing to any casual wear; sophisticated glamour to a business suit; or intriguing drama to an evening gown. The range is wide and never knew the ethnic collection can be so contemporary.”