Deepika Padukone stars in Orbit’s ‘Eat Drink Chew’ campaign

Wrigley’s Orbit (India) has rolled out a TV commercial staring award winning actress Deepika Padukone for its latest “Eat Drink Chew” campaign.


In the advert for Orbit, Padukone’s ex boyfriend (Not Ranbir Kapoor), played by an animated sandwich, comes running in claiming that she had just given him a “love bite.” Padukone produces her Orbit Sugarfree gum to say goodbye to the clingy ex-boyfriend & ends with Padukone showcasing a winning, shiny smile as the words “eat drink chew” flash across the screen.


Deepika Padukone is already the  brand ambassador of Coke Cola, Special K, Axis Bank & Britannia Good Day Chunkies.

She was also a state level Badminton player before she entered the world of modeling & acting & still plays when she gets time between her busy schedule.

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