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Dave Bawa delivers first track ‘Aish’ from his EP.

Cutting-edge, versatile, unique and a true representation of home-grown Canadian talent. What better way to describe young newcomer Dave Bawa.


Born and raised in Victoria BC, now residing in Vancouver, Dave is set to launch his career in full swing with his debut EP entitled ‘This Is Me‘ produced by Harj Nagra. The EP features an eclectic mix of urban sounds fused with Punjabi and English lyrics and vocals by Dave.

The first track from the This Is Me is ‘Aish‘, a melodious, body swaying tune in English and Punjabi. With a stroke of genius, Harj Nagra successfully combined Dave with American rapper Rush Toor and added Punjabi rap by Shrey Sean all the way from India! This international urban desi collaboration is sure to create waves across the globe.

The young artist is also working on his full 10-track studio album with musical maestro Rishi Rich. They have completed the first single and are set to complete the album in Rishi’s studio in Atlanta by the end of the year. The Dave Bawa & Rishi Rich album is set to release worldwide early 2016.

Dave Bawa talks about the inspiration behind the album: “This a piece of work that was inspired by the struggles I went through to discover and develop my original sound, situations that I went through in my personal life, and a symbol of the hard work myself, my producer Harj Nagra and my manager Manpal Rana have put into creating it.”

The EP releases on the 6th August and will be available for pre-order via iTunes from the 30th July.

Track listing on the ‘This Is Me’ EP:
1. Aish – Dave Bawa feat. Rush Toor & Shrey Sean (Music: Harj Nagra)
2. Maar Suteya – Dave Bawa (Music: Harj Nagra)
3. Her Interlude – Dave Bawa (Music: Harj Nagra)
4. Jaane Meriye – Dave Bawa (Music: Harj Nagra)
4. I Don’t Care – Dave Bawa feat. Rush Toor (Music: Harj Nagra)