Darr - Kiran Dhanoa

Darr – Kiran Dhanoa

This artistic gem is a double threat singing and writing her own music in Punjab, Hindi & English whilst creating new sounds with her sweet melodies and infectious vocals to hit the Asian scene with a bang. Whilst studying a law degree the London bred singer was discovered by the legendary Rishi Rich and since then her journey has been nothing short of a magical experience.

Her debut single “Tere Bina Nahin Jeena” went straight into Number 1 on the ITunes World Chart within 11 hours of its release and Kiran Dhanoa owes her amazing success to hard work, dedication and her Kini Army.
Now after a huge turn of event Kiran Dhanoa is back bigger and better ready to give the music industry a new sound and fulfil her dreams of being an International Asian Female Artist.

Juggling two careers is hard work for some; yet Kiran Dhanoa is doing so with ease as her clearly visible passion for making music is driving her to be one step ahead of the game; making Kiran Dhanoa the one to watch out for.”

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