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Stars of The Unforgettable Tour unite for the official launch press conference in Toronto

Curtain Rises on the Hottest Ticket to Bollywood in Town!

Conceptualised by the promoters of some of the most monumental international shows, Showbiz International and AEG Live, The Unforgettable Tour will roll out the Green Carpet to receive the first family of Bollywood, as the global ambassador of Indian cinema, Amitabh Bachchan, joins Abhishek and Aishwarya across eight global cities in characteristic glamour and grandiose.   
Bachchan Bollywood royalty will be joined in the arena by a host of other top names from the industry, including sizzling starlet Preity Zinta, comedy kingpin Riteish Deshmukh, and a very special appearance exclusively for The Unforgettable Tour’s London performance, by none other than the star who won the heart of the nation – Shilpa Shetty.
Hot property Bollywood music directors Vishal and Shekhar will also be gracing the electrifying stage show, providing a background score that will have audiences irrepressibly dancing in the aisles, and India’s top dance choreographer Shiamak Davar will create some of the most hypnotising dance moves for the stars. 
As well as marking a significant first in the global arena of Bollywood entertainment, being the first ever show of its kind to be hosted by London’s O2 Arena, The Unforgettable Tour will also herald a significant milestone in drawing attention to the global issue of climate change.
Using Indian cinema as the vehicle to harness awareness of the large scale gravity of this phenomenon, Bollywood’s top billing names will rally public awareness and spread the message to ‘go green’ in the first Bollywood stage spectacle to have an ‘econscience’.    
Says John Digwa, Founder of Showbiz International and the London show producer, “The Unforgettable Tour will certainly be an affair to remember! Not just the UK, but the entire world has never seen or experienced a Bollywood show of such a mammoth scale, uniting on stage Bollywood’s most iconised brand – the Bachchan dynasty – with the industry’s other top billing names and stars.  
And going beyond that, there is an important issue that this show is highlighting – the unavoidable issue of global warming and climate change. The Unforgettable Tour will be rallying public awareness of this global pandemic and highlighting what we, as individuals and societies, can do to make a change, before it is too late.”  Rob Hallett, President International Touring, AEG Live, says: “Amitabh Bachchan is among the world’s greatest stars and we are proud to bring him to the O2 to join the galactic list of artistes who have already performed there. This night will be truly Unforgettable.”  

Spreading its movie magic across the globe, the never-before-seen extravaganza of Indian cinema that is The Unforgettable Tour will set ablaze venues in eight exotic locations the world over, comprising Toronto, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Atlantic City, New York, Vancouver and London.

And the lights, camera and action don’t stop there as each city that The Unforgettable Tour alights in will bring on stage one of Indian cinema’s biggest stars.


Bollywood golden boy Akshay Kumar will kick jump onto stage in Toronto; dancing queen and evergreen beauty Madhuri Dixit will wow audiences with breathtaking performances in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Atlantic City, New York and Vancouver; while sassy Shilpa Shetty will rock the stage in London.



Book your golden ticket now and prepare to experience the show of a lifetime, as The Unforgettable Tour takes over London on 24th August at O2 Arena.