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Bollywood Icon & Dance Maestro, Hrithik Roshan, wins the affections of TV Audiences and Participants alike in ‘Just Dance’

Come Dance with Hrithik Roshan as he makes Small Screen Debut!

Bollywood superstar, Hrithik Roshan, will now adorn his new role on the small screen as judge on one of India’s biggest and most talked-about reality shows, ‘Just Dance’.
This will be the first time the iconic star of the big screen will appear on television, as part of the dance show’s jury. Hrithik, renowned for his inimitable and flawless dance steps, will judge the show alongside some of the most highly acclaimed choreographers of the Indian film industry.
The screen icon, who is now the highest paid Indian celebrity on the small screen, is ecstatic about his new role and looking forward to some great performances from the contestants. 
‘Just Dance’ is already the talk of the town and will feature aspiring and established dance talent from across the globe. The auditions will begin in UK and US from next week. Dancers in the UK are being invited to participate in the auditions, which will run through February.
The winner will travel to India to represent the UK in what is being touted as one of the biggest dance shows on Hindi television. For full UK audition details, please see below. 
 So, put on your dancing shoes and gear up for the dance show of the decade as it comes to your city soon!  

‘Just Dance’ UK Audition Dates:
Tuesday 15th February
Warwickshire CCC, The County Ground
B5 7QU

Wednesday 16th February
Manzil UK Banqueting
29 Bury New Road
M8 8EQ
Thursday 17th February
The Peepul Centre
Orchardson Avenue
Saturday 19th February
Sheraton Skyline Hotel
London Heathrow
Bath Road (A4)