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Collaborations 2: Sukshinder Shinda Ghum Suhm Ghum Suhm video

Check out the  Ghum Suhm Ghum Suhm video

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One love…One Vision 

‘The Music Man’ returns to solidify his status as king of modern Bhangra music. This sequel, to 2006’s multi-artiste album ‘Collaborations’, finds ETC Panjabi Award winning producer/singer Sukshinder Shinda delivering an album featuring the sounds and voices of India and Pakistan as one.


Known for his own unique style that skilfully incorporates Punjabi folk, Bollywood Pop, hip-hop and other music genres to weave a melodious sound carpet, Shinda has always been very fond of experimenting.

His latest album is no exception to the rule. Combining elements of down tempo and urban basslines with an exotic mix of organic Asian instruments, the range of fusions this album has can propel the music beyond the sub-continental musical boundaries. World music buffs will be pleasantly surprised.  

Shinda’s last solo release, ‘Living the Dream’ proves he is still the undisputed master of production and this new offering confirms that further. A host of star names like Rahat Ali Khan, Labh Janjua, Shazia Mansoor,  Nachattar Gill, Arminder Gill, Manjit Pappu, Don Revo and Jazzy B, are given the enviable task of setting their skills up against the magic of Shinda’s beats. Using a delightful Bollywood-style melody and the iconic voice of the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s nephew Rahat Ali Khan, ‘Ghum Suhm’ is Shinda’s first foray into the Qawwali genre on one of his own solo albums. It’s a brilliantly matured album that feels, sounds and smells just like you want Sukshinder Shinda’s music to be, and the fact it’s so pure works strongly in its favour.


Jazzy B duets on Yaaria Banayi Rakhian Yaaria’ while Shazia Mansoor’s ‘Apni Bana Ley’ and Rahat Ali Khan’s opener shows that Shinda knows how to push the musical boundaries on and on.  "From the minute I finished the first album, I wanted to record the follow-up. I’ve grown up alongside and listening to a lot of the artists I’ve featured and used on both albums and that was always an inspiration to me. Working with different singers and writers is something I thrive on and I am blessed and excited to be able to do it all over again." – Sukshinder Shinda, January 2009 


Collaborations 2 Sukshinder Shinda

Play all sample tracks
1 Ghum Suhm Ghum Suhm Vox: Sukshinder Shinda ft. Rahat Ali Khan Lyrics: Karamjit Kado 
2 Yaaria Banayi Rakhian Yaaria Vox: Sukshinder Shinda ft. Jazzy B Lyrics: Rana Madochanda 
3 Shinda Around The World Vox: Sukshinder Shinda ft. Don Revo Lyrics: Sati Kokewalia 
4 Mul Na Lagda Vox: Sukshinder Shinda ft. Nachattar Gill Lyrics: Mikka Masani 
5 Apni Bana Ley Vox: Sukshinder Shinda ft. Shazia Mansoor Lyrics: Rana Madochanda 
6 Parande Sat Rang Deh Vox: Sukshinder Shinda ft. Manjit Pappu Lyrics: Amarjit Musapuria
7 Nachde ‘O’ Mundeyo Vox: Sukshinder Shinda ft. Labh Janjua Lyrics: Jassi J 
8 Tu Hi Tu – Tu Hi Tu Vox: Sukshinder Shinda ft. Amrinder Gill Lyrics: Karamjit Kado
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