Clinton Sparks @ The Fez Club Review

By about 11.30pm the club was heaving & Kayper had the crowd rocking to the sounds of the "Dem Franchise Boyz" & dunno what else, but it has all bopping away (well trying to bop away)

The guy was amazing & his skillz on the decks were very good
He played everything form R&B, Dancehall, Ragga, Hip Hop, Ol Skool, Pop, to Dirty South (Which I can't say I know much about ::)), but he had the crowd rocking.

Overall a wicked night out, good music, good vibe!!

The only downside is it takes just over a hour from Leicester to Cambridge non stop, so it's a bit of a mission, but it's well worth the drive there & back! :D

But if you've never been to Ebonics at the Fez, it's worth the trip.
I've been 4 times now & each time I've had a wicked night out.

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