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Chashme Baddoor Movie Review

Chashme Baddoor Movie Review

Three friends, Sid (Ali Zafar), Jai (Siddharth) and Omi (Divyendu Sharma) live together in a small house in Goa, who played one of the three students around whom the story revolved Omi and Jai are womanisers and can't live without them. Sid is a decent guy and lives a simple life. .
All this leads to a comical situation in the film.
The movie is absolutely hilarious.

CM is not just funny because it has numerous gags, running jokes,fun twists movie parodies etc but it works mainly because it takes the archetype, polishes and infuses it with affable and realistic characters of that of Omi and Jai All the dialogues will make you laugh and standby to watch their different moves as a brilliant performance. Another great thing in this movie is to note the presentation of these days friendship how boys talk on the behind of their best friend. Movie moving round all the character in comedy style and everything is so funny and musical to laugh at a time. They mixed up all type of language to express each other in funny way.


Ali Zafar has already proved himself as a refine actor previously Tere Bin laden, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan and London Paris New York; he looks so funny and cute in making love with Taapsee Pannu as a comic couple. The innocent.. Vulnerable… Sweet and the very 'girl next door' with bollywood debut. She is very pretty, bubbly and justified her performance in this movies. Her all movements are awesome and attractive.

I hope to see her soon in next upcoming movies.she is very talented and well being person. Another point how this comedy is making the difference among these days cinema viewers. I must say this is something hot and crazy temptation to all time hit old is gold Chashme Buddoor.
So many things come up with different mode of acting and super stylish to make these days youth.

CB is the story of 3 bachelors. All of them single, lazy, carefree, and most of the times out of cash 2 of them spend most of their time chasing girls. The third one has a little different attitude in life and is more academically inclined and seems responsible guy with hot looks. It’s very candid introduction Om and Jai are trying to woo Seema (Taapsee Pannu) and end up laying many things. She is perky, cheery and literally runs away from any wedding alliance her military dad brings home.

Things couldn't be more perfect of

Siddharth, but then Omi and Jai get to know about his affair with Seema. Slightly jealous of the fact that their friend had managed to woo a girl they couldn't- they false a false picture about Seema in the mind of Siddharth. The story is really simple and light hearted. The director creates an engaging set of characters and gives complete focus to their interplay and interactions instead of introducing unnecessary twists and turns and sub-plots. The actors do a good job and pitch in with truly natural performances. All of them are highly commendable.

The two jerk roommates wreck the relationship and then have to help their friend repair it, so they contrive a situation in which he can "rescue" her the way our heroes rescue their movie heroines. All characters are so real….u feel watching it again and again….

Produced by Viacom 18 motion picture with 40 crore budget. Chashme Baddoor soundtrack is composed by Sajid-Wajid. Sonu Nigam sang two songs and as always he did very good job. Ali Zafar who himself is a brilliant musician has also sung couple of songs like rapper early Morning Remix and Dichkyoon Doom Doom is my favourite one..

Must watch Brilliant comedy ever! Supereb comedy. I would have given this film a 10/10


Chashme Baddooris out now on cinemas.