CHAN HAS teams up with newcomer VINU J to #pledgeorange for #RAJOANA

From doing things 'CHORI CHORI' to being BumbleBee Black & Yellow, the 1 MAN BAND "CHAN HAS" transforms LOUD & ORANGE to raise awareness for SIKH youths Worldwide with fellow female artist "VINU J" with this heart touching yet powerful Dharmik track titled 'RAJOANA – KAUM DA HEERA'.

 Written, produced & performed by CHAN HAS himself within a short space of 30 hours (approx) just shows us how much getting this message out there means to him & the SIKH community.

The track highlights some of the hurtful yet proud moments in SIKH history, past & present. With a storming 7,000 hits on youtube over just 2 days, it looks like the duet is playing its part for the community. 

NOT promoting violence, but to claim your relationship with #RAJOANA to be heard for a good cause, is the aim of this track.  

Even starting from SQUARE 1, its never too late…