Celebrity Security Blunders Solved By Security Expert

Celebrity Security Blunders Solved By Security Expert

 1. Do not leave spare keys in pots, plants, mail boxes or under the doormat. It is most likely that thieves will find them. In case you want to leave keys behind, hand them to a trustworthy neighbor.  

2. Before you go away for a holiday, check if all the windows and doors are locked, keep the blinds and curtains shut. It is best to invest in a home security system to keep your investments safe, when you’re not there.

3. Always keep you garage windows covered or frosted, burglars won’t be able to tell if your car is there or gone.

4. Do not leave any notes on the door for family members or service people. It alerts the thieves that you are not home. Inform your family members in advance that you will be away for a while.

5. Keep valuables, cash, jewelry in safety deposit box or a safe to ensure they are not left behind outside for easy access for burglars.6. Make the telephone ringtone to the minimum, if your phone is unanswered couple of times, it might give a sign to the burglars about your absence. 

7. Leave a radio or television set on in a room to create a illusion that you are still at home, since you will be away for an extended period of time, it will help keep the burglars/intruders away.

8. Use of exterior lighting is important when you are on a holiday to reduce burglar concealment. Make sure that security signs and window decals are prominently displayed on your property, as they are a good first line of defense to deter potential burglars.

9. Remember to have your delivery of mail and newspapers suspended or have some neighbor pick it up for you each day.

10. Unkempt yard is another sign that you are have been away for a long time, it is good to hire a gardener to keep it maintained.

11. Trees located near windows or shrubbery that might shield a burglar from view can be major flaws in your home-protection plan. Consider your landscaping plan in light of your protection needs.

12. Most importantly before you leave,  you should always inform your neighbors that you will be away. Ask them to notice any suspicious behavior, people or strange cars they observe lurking about.