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Cast dance in real downpour on the sets of 'BollyBrit' film, Naachle London

Cast dance in real downpour on the sets of ‘BollyBrit’ film, Naachle London

 On one of the filming days for Naachle London, director Neville Raschid was anticipating a glorious, sunny day at Kew Gardens in preparation of outdoor scenes, as well as inside the infamous Greenhouse. But once the crew began shooting the sequences inside the Greenhouse, the heavens opened up, inducing the wettest day of the year instead of the hottest!

As the crew were setting up between shots, British screen heartthrob Jake Canuso informed Neville that he was happy to dance in the rain and duly stepped outside. Neville then asked Fagun Thakrar, Jake’s co-star, and she was equally willing to take up the challenge, after looking outside to see Jake already getting his hair wet and practicing his moves in the downpour.

And by pure serendipity, some of the most stunning shots of the film were created… with entirely natural rain and no need for rain machines!

Heralding the debut of an exciting genre in British filmmaking, dynamic, Asian family business-driven, UK-based production and distribution company, Aviary Films, launches the first ever ‘BollyBrit’ film – Naachle London – a unique cinematic offering that presents a British take on the classic Bollywood genre.

Joining lead stars Raj Ghatak and Sofia Hayat on screen is an ensemble cast of seasoned British acting talent including Kulvinder GhirHarvey VirdiJake Canuso and Fagun ThakrarNaachle London also launches the screen debut of a host of impressive junior artists such as Alyssa Sharma, Gursimran Deu, Aaron Pandher and Shiv Datta 

Naachle London releases in UK through Aviary Films on 24th February 2012.