'Can We Be Running - Mumzy Stranger

‘Can We Be Running – Mumzy Stranger

Mumzy Stranger has spent most of the year spotting talent and producing for new talent like Junai Kaden and Char Avell. This week he reminds his fans that he hasn't forgotten about his own singing career by releasing 'Can We Be Running'
Singer, songwriter Mumzy has collaborated with producer Alan Sampson on the track, which is a soft r'n'b jam and thousands of fans have already downloaded the song and spread the buzz online.  
Mumzy comments: "I wanted to put out something for the fans, who have been tweeting me and messaging me to release a song for the last couple of months. Having produced an album for Junai Kaden as well as several tracks for other projects I'm working on, it's nice to put out one of my own songs as well and I'm glad to see the fans are really liking this song. It's a little taster of my new material." 
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