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Kaser Mehmood with Olympic champion Mo Farah


Mehmood met up with the 5000m and 10000m Olympic gold medal winner at a venue in London to make the presentation to the Mo Farah Foundation.

Mehmood, who regularly works with big music and movie stars, is now calling for other businesses to back the work being done by the Mo Farah Foundation and thinks they are doing amazing life saving work. “Although Mo has become a hero for millions after his stunning win at the London Olympics, I feel the most heroic thing he is doing is the life saving work in East Africa. I am happy to endorse the charity and would urge others to do the same. Mo is a champion and a big hearted individual who is saving lives,” said Kaser. 

The Mo Farah Foundation is works with partners and local communities to setup programmes to provides a month’s supplies of family food baskets and safe drinking water and sanitation facilities through the installation of water wells, development of water catchment, canals and water supply systems. The Foundation also establishing medical clinics to provide free healthcare for people, setting up livelihood programmes so locals can become self-sufficient and developing educational schemes for children. The Mo Farah Foundation has major plans for the future, which includes establishing new schools in remote areas. “I will be asking my other high profile clients from Dubai, UAE and Qatar to also help the Mo Farah Foundation,” said Kaser.