Lebara Teams Up with Pop Duo Bonafide

Bonafide make a special visit to Pakistan

Ziggy comments about his trip; ‘After visiting Pakistan, I couldn’t believe how damaged the region was. Actually being there and seeing it with my own eyes, all the suffering, no shelter, no food, children who have lost their parents, it made me want to do as much as I can to help everyone there. They really do need our help and with everyone’s kind donations we can slowly re-build the communities affected by the floods

As well as taking part in the charity car wash, Bonafide have been in the studio with Hunterz working on a charity single titled ‘Jeevay Pakistan’. The track is written and composed by both Maz and Ziggy and produced by established producer Kam Frantic. This will be the first time the boys will be singing in Urdu, connecting to their homeland and reminding people not to forget their roots.
Keeps your eyes and ears pealed for this heart-warming track with a video featuring some top celeb names!