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Bollywood’s biggest star, Akshay Kumar, plays real life hero at Cineworld Feltham!

Bollywood’s biggest star, Akshay Kumar, plays real life hero at Cineworld Feltham!

The stars brought pandemonium to the venue as the throngs clambered to get closer to their screen idols. Despite the cold weather, the venue was packed out both outside and in, and as temperatures dropped, emotions soared!  
Getting up close and personal, the stars interacted with fans, with Akshay playing real life hero when he rescued a lost child from the crowds and real life action hero when he climbed on top of the cinema’s ticket booth, to the hysteria and delight of the screaming fans.

Akshay vKumar @ Cineworld Cinema

Akshay Kumar @ Cineworld, Feltham

Farah Khan, Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Cineworld Feltham

Katrina Kaif  @ Cineworld, Feltham

Traditional Punjabi ‘dhol’ players provided the soundtrack as Akshay, Katrina and Farah together opened ticket sales to the first 20, starstruck fans.  Prior to bringing Bollywood mania to Cineworld Feltham, the trio engaged in banter with BBC Asian Network presenters Raj and Pablo and a 200-strong studio audience with whom Akshay shared anecdotes laced with his signature, playful wit.   
‘Tees Maar Khan’ will open in cinemas across UK on Wednesday 22nd December 2010 with advance previews on Tuesday 21st December.
Released by UTV Motion Pictures.