BILAL FT RAXSTAR - Scream Out Loud

BILAL FT RAXSTAR – Scream Out Loud

Bilal, 19 year old Singer/Rapper from London, is the UK’s hottest new talent. He has always had a raw passion for music, being a huge appreciator of Rap and Hip-Hop. 
At the age of 12, Bilal was already writing songs and performing to friends and family as a past-time. A year later, he started posting his music online.

Bilal has received tremendous support and success from his debut EP ‘About Us’ by releasing numerous online videos and remixes.
One video in particular, ‘Can’t Live Alone’, received over a million views and counting.

This is just the start of Bilal’s story and many respectable figures predict huge movements from him in the near future.

2012 sees the release of his debut single ‘Scream Out Loud’ featuring Raxstar and produced by Quantize Music.