Bhagwantjit - Mohabbat

Bhagwantjit – Mohabbat

After his introduction with the debut album, ‘Surajmukhi’, now comes the follow up release ‘Mohabbat’. The album is a ten track production which also includes a single remix. The album also consists of a romantic duet showcasing the fresh talent by the name of Renu. Highlights include ‘Kinna Pyar Karan’ and ‘Jee Nai Lagda’. 

The album shows a variety of songs for a wide audience, the sound is more commercial and upbeat in comparison to the debut. Bhagwanjit’s versatility in singing is evident throughout.

The man behind the music, Tejwant Kittu, has a back catalogue of successful albums. He displays his own personal touch which shines brightly throughout ‘Mohabbat’.

A feature from MC Christyle provides the album with an urban edge during his feature on the remix of ‘Jee Nai Lagda’.