Nihal interviews Bhangra star Imran Khan on BBC Radio 1

Bewafa Video – Imran Khan

“Imran Khan has succeeded where so many others have failed. He did this by standing out as an innovator on the Bhangra scene and the originator of the new Desi House sub genre”

DJ Nihal – Radio 1 

“Imran's doing for the Bhangra scene what Dizzee Rascal has done in the Urban arena”.

DJ SonnyJi – Asian Network 

The futures is bright with Imran Khan in the picture and it’s about to become blinding. Imran has single handedly shaken up the Asian music scene and firmly wedged his flag at the top of that mountain.


The release of ‘Amplifier’ and ‘Unforgettable’ had a phenomenal response and has taken the superstar to reach audiences of millions globally from Malaysia, USA, Canada, UK, Singapore, Holland and more in the space of 3 months.
The album and single remained in the top 10 world iTunes chart solidly for 5 weeks, is still in the iTunes chart now, topped the airwaves for weeks, was the most requested artist across television networks and remains the most requested club act in the UK. 
The video for ‘Amplifier’ has seen just under 3.5 million hits on the official YouTube channels alone.  
Bewafa was voted in by fans across the world to be the next video and single release from the album. The video was shot in the Penthouse at The Mayfair Hotel, London and takes on a narrative about betrayal and infidelity through the eyes of a man instead of the stereotypical woman.
The lyrics again flip the script on what is presumed and this is what makes Imran stand out miles ahead of the crowd.   Imran’s explains the track further, “People don’t talk about the realities of being unfaithful. It’s usually assumed that it’s the man in the relationship that is the cheat but things happen the other way around too…we’re not all cheaters!” 
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