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Asian Network

BBC Asian Network launches most extensive Bollywood coverage yet in 2 new 4 hour shows!

This new show will be completely interactive and listeners will take centre stage in it's production.

Sheetal Parmar, the show’s producer says of the new show,

“Love Bollywood is an in depth look at Bollywood films, the stars and the industry, but for the first time, it'll be predominantly about the audience and their experience of it. Many British Asians have been brought up with Bollywood and it's a part of their cultural make up whether they like it or not! The audience will decide what we discuss and listen to through message boards, phone ins and an exclusive ‘rant line’. It'll give back to them what they want and more – for example industry related issues like how new media moguls’ who are diversifying the cultural background of Bollywood, which means we're seeing more gutsy and culturally challenging films. It's ambitious and bold, and very exciting to be able to produce something like this”.

Bollywood ‘IT Boys’ Raj and Pablo will be presenting on Saturday, whilst Asian Network and Zee TV’s Murtz will present on Sunday with Rajini Vaidynathan, from Radio 1.

Raj and Pablo who currently present Film Café say of their appointment to this big new show , “We are over the moon to be presenting the BBC's LOVE BOLLYWOOD. One of the most exciting and innovative things about our new show is that not only are we going to be interacting with the movie makers, stars, producers and directors but also the listeners. We’ll also be part of a new exciting and dynamic new team and all four of us will get the opportunity to present with each other".

Rajini Vaidynathan of Radio 1 says: “People might think it's a bit odd me doing this with a background from News, but anyone who knows me will know I'm mad about Bollywood, just like most British Asians who've been brought up on a diet of Bollywood films. I'm really happy to be involved with something so different, and to be able to indulge in a guilty pleasure!”

Murtz who currently fronts ‘Sunday Sound Track’ adds to this, “It’ll be fun co-presenting with someone else – although I’ll have to watch what I say with a girl around!”