Baba Kahn Produces Fabulous By HighDiamond (Culture Shock Remix ft Amar Sandhu)

The talented sister duo HighDiamond is set to make its mark on the international pop scene in a big way. The ladies of HighDiamond, Catina and Angela, have collaborated with deejay, producer, and radio host Baba Kahn for one of his signature East Meets West Culture Shock Remixes on their debut single “Fabulous.”



Taking this Culture Shock Remix to the next level, Baba Kahn features Texas-based, Punjabi talent Amar Sandhu on the track and the finished product is infectious!

“This track is the perfect merger between both worlds: East and West. Incredible vocals and a beat that speaks any language,” Baba Kahn states as he reminds us that music is a universal language and his “East meets West” vibe is organic.

Baba Kahn is a pioneer of fusion remixes and took ownership of his sound with the Culture Shock mix CD. The music genre of Culture Shock went on to define the trio of Baba Kahn, Lomaticc, and Sunny Brown, which led to collaborative albums delivering smash singles like “Bombay Bo” and “Save The World” featuring Nindy Kaur.


The Culture Shock label continued to evolve, Baba Kahn simultaneously applied his East Meets West sound to remixes for mainstream talent such as Lady GaGa, Britney Spears, Rihanna, and Sean Paul, to name a few.


The international music industry recognizes Baba Kahn’s contributions as he has won Canada’s #1 Club DJ Five times and most recently (2013) the prestigious Anokhi Magazine – DJ of the Decade Award.

This celebrated deejay continues to explore the limitless ways to marry Desi flavors into a pop world and the Fabulous Culture Shock Remix featuring Amar Sandhu is the perfect display of that.

Baba Kahn debuted the Fabulous Culture Shock Remix on his radio show The Fix, which is live every Sunday from 11 pm to 2 am on G98.7. The listeners have already fallen in love with the new vibe from Amar Sandhu and the effortless blending of cultures.

Check out the Original version below.

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