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Dr Subaig Singh Kandola produces another #NoGuns video Att a romantic video with music by Popsy The Music Machine

The academic, singer, actor always has a project (or a few) keeping him busy.

Since his 1st release to his last release in 2016 ‘’VICHODA’’ this talented young British Asian has gone from strength to strength.

Thursday 12th January serves as a great start for 2017 for Dr Subaig Singh Kandola, as he releases his first new single of the year soon to be hit   ‘’ATT’’

And yes, it’s safe to say “ATT” will be a hit — both because Dr Subaig Singh Kandola has a proven track record  and because this is one catchy dance track.

 ATT” on Itunes now https://goo.gl/FYu6rF

Att (Full Video) | Dr Subaig Singh Kandola

 ATT” on Itunes now https://goo.gl/FYu6rF

Song: Att
Artist: Dr Subaig Singh Kandola
Music: Popsy The Music Machine
Lyrics: Laddi Gobindpuri
Video: Deep R Dee
Camera: Tarun Singh
Choreography: Ravi Kant
Cast: Charak Thakur
Editor: Puneet ASP
DI: Chintu Dhillon
Photography: Gorav Karir
Producer: Kulbir Kandola
Label: Mahaveer Records