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Asian Network Report: Mad Dogs And Asian Men

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presented by  Atta Yaqub
In this programme, you’ll hear first hand accounts from people injured by dogs ; young British Asians boasting that their dogs are used to make money and about the flaws in the dangerous dogs act .
According to one Chief Inspector , from the RSPCA Special Operations Unit in the West Midlands  Asian involvement with dangerous dogs  has gone up by 98 per cent!
Gangs are now using dogs instead of knives and guns in territory wars .
In London alone, almost 1,000 dogs were reported as being dangerously out of control last year.
NHS figures show 3,800 people were treated in hospital for bites in 2007, up 43 per cent over the previous four years.
As part of our investigation we took to the streets ourselves, looking for what young Asian men thought ……we hear first hand accounts  we met groups of Asian lads who openly bragged about being involved in illegal dog fights .
They laughed and joked as they showed us scars on each others bodies where dogs had allegedly turned on them.

One of the youngest members of the group described his first experience of a dog fight .He was just 13 at the time