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Ardass Volume 1 by Sonia Panesar

Ardass Volume 1 by Sonia Panesar

Ardaas Volume 1

Sonia Panesar  

 Ardass Volume 1 by Sonia Panesar

Ardaas’ which means ‘prayer’ is the title given to this album by Davinder Kaur along with her

daughter and son, Sonia and Bobby Panesar.
Sonia Panesar

 ‘Ardaas’ was recorded in memory of Late Basant Singh Panesar who tragically

died of Cancer in April 1998.

 ‘Ardaas’ was recorded and distributed by them amongst family and friends.

Over £3000 was raised in aid of McMillan Cancer Research.

Due to high public demand, ‘Ardaas’ is being re-released as it was

originally produced to simply touch the hearts of all those who believe in ‘Ardaas’.
Lead Vocals: Sonia Panesar (Aged 17 when recorded)
Backing Vocals: Davinder Kaur & Bobby Panesar
Music: Kuljit Bhamra
Harmonium: Sonia Panesar
Guitars: Dhiren Raichura
Tabla: Bobby Panesar (Aged 14 when recorded)


1 Ardaas Ardaas – Sonia Panesar 10:22
2 Main Andhaley Ki Tek Ardaas – Sonia Panesar 06:05
3 Aukhi Gharhi Ardaas –  Sonia Panesar 04:54
4 Simran Ardaas – Sonia Panesar 03:52
5 Tera Naam Ardaas – Sonia Panesar 07:10
6 Saachi Preet Ardaas –  Sonia Panesar 05:41
7 Tum Karo Daya Ardaas – Sonia Panesar 08:40

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