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Annu Ki Ho Gayi Waah Bhai Waah

‘Annu Ki Ho Gayi Waah Bhai Waah’ – Soul food comes to STAR One in TV’s spiciest new drama

A hearty drama that provides nourishing food for the soul, Annu Ki Ho Gayi Waah Bhi Waah is a story belonging to the shy underdog, ‘Annu’, who possesses the magical ability of uplifting the saddest spirit and melting the hardest of hearts with every mouth-watering dish she creates.

Content with her simple life amid a loving but poor family, Annu experiences a queer twist of fate, which lands her in the kitchen of one of the city’s most upscale restaurants. Despite her lack of confidence and introverted nature, Annu manages to weave her magic through the tough, male-dominated world of professional catering and, in her quietly charming manner, succeeds in creating the perfect recipe for food… and even love. Among those delighted by Annu’s charms is the wealthy ‘Aashu’ and love begins to simmer between them, bringing together two families as far removed from each other as chalk and cheese.


Spicing things up on the screen, Annu Ki Ho Gayi Waah Bhi Waah is much more than your average kitchen sink drama. It presents a generous slice of real life-inspired scenarios, both in the private space of the home, as well as in the public realm of the real world. As well as holding a mirror to a rich ingredient list of characters and their experiences, from love, emotion and drama, to humour, action and class difference, Annu Ki Ho Gayi Waah Bhi Waah reflects the colliding worlds of two India’s – one that is entrenched in tradition and another that is speeding towards modernity.


Be sure to taste the irresistible Annu Ki Ho Gayi Waah Bhi Waah, exclusively on STAR One every Monday to Thursday at 7.00pm, repeated every Monday to Thursday at 6.30am and 10.30pm.