An exclusive chat with Bhangra Superstar Jazzy B on ‘Romeo Ranjha’

Jassi from Punjab2000 catches up with “The Crown Prince Of Bhangra” Jazzy B for a exclusive interview about his forthcoming film “Romeo Ranjha”

After the success of “Party Getting Hot, Feem & Singhan Diyan Gadiyan” your now ready to release your 2nd movie, tell us how would Jazzy B define the film ROMEO RANJHA ?

Well Romeo Ranjha is definitely a different kind of film. I don’t think a film has ever been shot like this in Punjabi Cinema so far. I think the demand and the feedback we got from the YouTube, twitter and everything. There’s comparing going on with Hollywood so that is a good sign. This is one of those movies lately that has changed the game, the look, the story, and action so I am really happy with the final product.


What made you decide that you wanted to be a part of this production?

Well the producers and the director wanted to do something different as well and that is why Navaniat Singh was like “I got something for you man and it is different”. I’m known for different things and being different in the scene, that’s why I chose them.

Was this the first time you worked with the director Navaniat Singh?

Yeah this is the first time, he is a good friend of mine. The producers are the same who produced my previous film ‘Best Of Luck’. So he is a good friend someone that I am close with in the industry.

When did you decide you wanted to get into acting? What were the reasons behind this new journey?

Well you know I think every single Punjabi artist after doing music you want to do something different and especially Punjabi cinema is booming at the moment. This was seen as another opportunity, another door opens to a higher level so that’s why I thought why not. Music is always there, that is something I will never leave, that’s my first love. Film is something that people and my fans want to see me in, so giving my best try at it. So far so good, so will keep doing it if the right thing comes.

This is your 2nd film, Garry’s 1st. Did Garry at any point come to you for some advice? What did you say to him?

Yeah even before we started the movie, I and the team made sure that he was comfortable with it. That is the most important thing because camera can read a person. So we sat around and talked about everything and just chilled. There were couple of scenes in which he as having some problems, we took him to the side and just kept telling him to just be himself man. Don’t try too hard, after a few days he was all comfortable and ready to jump off buildings, so it was all good.

In this action packed film, did you do your own stunts? Yeah we both did, me and Garry wanted to do our own stunts. It’s all a part of the game of being in a film man.

Mentally how do you prepare yourself to do these stunts?

I think you just got to have the heart, you can’t really prepare for anything. It was like I want to do this and it is a chance. Having a duplicate man which was offered to us but we didn’t take it. We wanted to try this as you only live once so why not.

From a fans perspective, what inspires you from the film industry and why?

In the music everybody knows it is Ustad Kuldeep Manak Ji but I grew up watching a lot of Punjabi films as well such as ‘Putt Jattan De’. Yograjsingh Bhagsingh Bhandal, who is actually in the film, is somebody who I am a big fan off. So I was like woah man I’m working with a guy who I loved watching. He is certainly an inspiration for me.

Lastly, Being an actor or a singer, which one comes first for you now? 

No singing is always going to be my first love, it is a different game. Movies are fine and we will do whatever one or two of them a year but it has to be a good script. Music is something I will never leave until I’m gone. I love performing to hundreds of people at the wedding or 60,000 people at the mela. It is such a different buzz performing in front of a live audience. They feel I’m their artist whilst in the movies they’ll think he is a big star now. I have seen that with a lot of people go wrong so I will never leave the singing scene man; it is a way to connect with my fans much more.


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