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All That I Want - Shekie N Sham

All That I Want – Shekie N Sham

Shekie N Sham
Two new Brit-asian artists who are producing a new refreshing sound for 2008, with Shekie singing in Hindi/Fusion and Sham in English/ RnB.

The duo have recorded their debut album titled ‘2 Sides 2 O.N.E Coin' and will be releasing several tracks from the album throughout the year plus several videos to go along with the new tracks.

Working abroad and at home in the UK they have infused several sounds which takes them back to their cultural roots. Having performed live at many events including the IIFA's Fringe Festival in Bradford,
Shekie n Sham have already made a positive impact in getting their new music out into the public domain.
The duo have contrasting personalities which show them to have
charisma, style and unpredictability which will make them stand out from the crowd in 2008.

Performing comes as second nature to them, as
well as musicians they are also trained professional dancers and are set to create a new sensational craze in the entertainment industry!

SnS World is not just about the artist themselves. It aims to involve everyone into their journey and to experience the world of Shekie ‘n' Sham.

Newly signed to O.N.E Records UK these two dynamites are ready to explode, hitting 2008 with a bang!