Akshay Kumar in Singh Is Kinng

Akshay Kumar’s trainer learns the Gurbani!

That Akshay Kumar is a self-confessed fitness freak is a fact well known. All close to him in the industry vouch for the dedication of this self-made star and also credit his latest chiselled physique to Jenna, Akshay's trainer.  


In fact, so close is the bond between Akshay and Jenna that he ensures her presence on his sets to keep his workouts and diet on track. The surprise, however, came in the fact that Jenna learnt the Gurbani while Akshay was filming for Singh is Kinng in Australia and also got the Ek Omkar tattooed on the back of her neck.


For the uninitiated, Gurbani is a form of prayer practiced by Sikhs all over.


Such was the influence of the film on Jenna that she felt compelled to know more about the religion and community, epitomised on screen by director Anees Bazmee. 


Sngh Is Kinng is due for releasee 08.08.08