Amitabh Bachchan recommends Akshay Kumar to play sporting legend, Milkha Singh, on screen

Akshay Kumar

·         He is a Martial Arts, adrenaline sports and Parkour (urban free running) fanatic and one of the only actors in Bollywood to perform all of his own film stunts.


·         His diverse acting capabilities have been recognized by a lengthy list of esteemed film accolades, including a string of Filmfare Awards, Zee Cine Awards, IIFA Awards, Apsara Academy Awards and Star Screen Awards, for roles ranging from action hero and anti-hero to comedian and lover.


·         As well as his award-winning film work, Akshay Kumar is one of the most renowned social activists and humanitarians from the Indian film industry. Akshay’s global social

and charity work includes his role as a Worldwide Ambassador for the Special Olympics, promoting the cause of the physically disabled engaging in competitive sports; his role as an HIV/AIDS activist, working as Global Ambassador for Population Solutions International (PSI), which involved a trip to the north Indian state of Rajasthan with Hollywood actress Ashley Judd, to promote what is being propounded as EC (Emergency Contraception), to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

·         Akshay is also an active campaigner against human trafficking and has joined the United Nations in their efforts to curb this global phenomenon. This included featuring in a two-minute video called One Life, No Price, which brought together the United Nations’ Office on Drug Control (UNODC) with key members from Indian cinema, as part of a broader programme called UN GIFT (Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking). Akshay is also an active fundraiser for charities and institutions across the world, including recent fundraising work for the Trillium Health Care Centre in Mississauga and the Vancouver Children’s Hospital.


·         A family man and loving father to his young son, Aarav, Akshay Kumar also engages in work to help disadvantaged children across the globe. In February 2008, he introduced singing child prodigy, Tejaswani, to the world on Zee TV’s popular show, Little Champs. A gifted singer, Tejaswani is aged 21, but has the mind of a three-year-old, barely communicating in sentences, but with the singing ability of an angel. On meeting the extraordinary and gifted child, Akshay was deeply moved, propelling him to use his position as one of India’s most respected stars to give a voice to Tejaswani’s unsung talents. The superstar brought Tejaswani to the forefront of public awareness to influence other parents to encourage their own children, who may suffer from various disorders.

Akshay Kumar & Tejaswarni

·         Deeply affected by the successive train blasts in Mumbai, which tragically claimed the lives of so many innocent victims, Akshay rendered a hymn for a Punjabi devotional album Nirgun Raakh Leeya – a first for a major Indian star – which was dedicated to the people who lost their lives, and the loved ones they left behind.


·         A man who has reached the very top through faith, fearlessness and embracing all of life’s challenges, Akshay Kumar combines his position as one of the leading global ambassadors of Indian cinema with tireless and selfless charity work, pursuant of his goal to help people all over the world, through his blessed and fortunate position.

Akshay Kumar

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