Akshay Kumar Talks Song-writing and Stunts




Akkshay Kumar talks about the film, his co-star, stunts and his new position as Tourism Ambassador for Canada…


What is the plot of the film?

Khatta Meetha is a political satire that exposes the corruption that exists in the Indian transport system. I play the role of Sachin Tichkule, a struggling road construction contractor. As a result of India’s corrupt ways, his company, his finances, his reputation, his relationships all suffer. As the pressures on Sachin keep mounting, audiences will see how he tries to cope with the situations that present themselves to him in his everyday struggle to con people of their money, which escalates out of control. The rest you’ll have to see for yourselves!


Is there a message to the film?

There is actually, I won’t elaborate too much, but yes this film does have a very memorable message, one that at least I am hoping people will take home with them. And in all honesty it’s been a while since a shot a movie with such a strong message, I’m very happy…


How does this comedy role differ from other funny roles you have played?


This movie is beyond our usual commercial Priyadarshan madness, the amount of drama and political satire involved it becomes rather a strong film indeed… My role is very aggressive, persuasive, desperate, unfortunate, sly, annoying to everyone around me, it was really great to play, you’ll see how much I enjoy myself in this movie, Priyanji has rolled a lot into one here…


You also had a big role to play in conceptualising the song Bull-Shit. How did you come up with the idea? Did you have a role in forming the lyrics? The melody?

Ah I do love this song, the message is so strong and incredibly blunt, but I like the way we shot it, very clear and simple. The lyrics were just so right for what the whole movie is about. I’m no lyricist but I did encourage the strong point I was trying to make and no one can deny how truthful this song really is.


What is the most challenging role you have ever played?

Physically it will always be my action movies, but mentally I’d have to say my character in 8×10 Tasveer was probably the most challenging role; having to be so dead and cold inside, to kill my own twin, to have out-of-body experiences, finding missing people through pictures and how they died was very draining and unusual for me to play, but one I still enjoyed portraying…


What has been the highlight of your career to date?

I have to be honest I have so many magical moments that I wouldn’t dare try and put them in order.


You've just been named as Canada's tourism ambassador. You must be extremely proud. But what is the attraction to Canada? And what will you be doing as part of your position?

I am very honoured and privileged to have been asked to represent the CTC as their Ambassador for India.  Canada is my second home and I am truly proud to encourage and promote Canada in India. I have an extremely strong connection to this great land and its warm people so I will be working to encourage more Indians to visit Canada and hopefully help further strengthen the special bond Canada and India currently share with each other.  


You're well known for acting in comedies and action extravaganzas. But do you have any plans to act in a serious romantic drama ala Dhadkan?


I would love to but I’m waiting for the perfect script, I can only make what writers and directors are striving for on the market right now. If I was given a script of any genre that pulled me in at the first read I would be on that movie in a flash, but I am still waiting for that ultimate romantic drama. Though I feel you will really enjoy Patiala House if you want to see innocent romance and a family drama that will make you laugh and cry, that would be the film for you.


It's said that you still do your own stunts. Where do you find the courage for them? What goes through your mind before you perform them?

I live to excel in my personal self. Pushing your body through hard or dangerous situations is probably the most self exhilarating feeling you can give yourself. I love doing my own stunts, I am paid to show people what a real action hero would do for his cinema, I could never make another man do something I wasn’t brave enough to do myself, and certainly not take credit for it…

Tell us something about your costar Trisha Krishnan who is making her debut in Bollywood? Does she have the potential of making it big in Bollywood?

She doesn’t need to! I think she’s as big as me in South Indian movies. But yes a very good and stable actress she is, picked perfectly by Priyadarshan himself. She was very right for this role; she definitely brought out the best in my performance opposite her which means a lot coming from a hero…


“Khatta Meetha” was released Worldwide on the 23rd July.

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