Akshay Kumar & Tejaswarni

Akshay Kumar plays real life hero! – Bollywood superstar launches new child singing discovery

An outstanding singer and lifelong fan of music legend, Lata Mangeshkar,

Tejaswani is aged 21, but has the mind of a three-year-old.
Akshay Kumar’s fascination with the child increased even further when
he realised she could barely communicate in sentences, but had the ability
to sing like an angel.
Although she has severe speech difficulties, 
Tejaswani can recite over 200
Lata Mangeshkar songs by heart.


On meeting the extraordinary and gifted child, Akshay Kumar was deeply moved, propelling him to use his position as one of Bollywood’s most respected stars to
give a voice to Tejaswani’s unsung talents. He comments, “These children need a hand to give them direction and not our sympathy to weaken them.
We should respect what we have, and the power to help another should be
our sole purpose. Tejaswani gives me the strength to believe all of us can
make a difference.
Akshay Kumar & Tejaswani

 “Parents of these special children should not be ashamed as these children are as normal as my own child. I would like all parents to learn from Tejaswini’s mother who has supported and encouraged her daughter to be the singer that she is today.

She has given her the ability to dream of a career in music. I am sure that with her mother’s blessing and our support Tejaswini will be a big singer some day.”



Akshay Kumar has brought Tejaswani to the forefront of public awareness to influence other parents to encourage their own children, who may suffer from
various disorders. He believes that every child is unique, possessing a gift which, when nurtured, will always stand out. In the case of Tejaswani, the Bollywood star recognised it to be her outstanding singing ability, and he has full faith that she will make it big someday.