Akshay Kumar continues his mission to empower women by attending Brahmakumari Minithon

Akshay Kumar recently attended the Brahmakumari Minithon in Mumbai to show his support for health and gender equality.


Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar continues to show his support for women across India when on Sunday he attended the Brahmakumari Minithon, where thousands of women ran for health and gender equality.


Last year, Akshay launched his Martial Arts Institute for Women, a pioneering initiative to enable women to learn Martial Arts skills to help them better defend themselves. Now, in a further step, he recently started Martial Arts training and defence classes for visually impaired girls. Speaking about this initiative, Akshay said that he felt extremely happy to put a smile on the faces of these children. He added that it is everyone’s job to ensure that every single girl in India is confident and safe.


Akshay Kumar is no stranger to making his voice heard when it comes to women’s rights and security. His latest tweet shows his  continuous support for and empowerment of women. Akshay had further raised his concerns about women’s safety after the recent Delhi rape incident.


The Indian cinema star, who is currently filming for his upcoming movie Gabbar, has a black belt in the Korean Martial Art of  Tae Kwon Do.

Akshay Kumar - Gabbar
He travelled to Bangkok to enhance his Martial Arts skills and after learning the combat sport Muay Thai in Thailand, he returned to Mumbai to practice his Martial Arts skills, a feat he continues to showcase in his many action films.


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