Akshay Kumar Signs 50 Crore Deal To Be New Star Brand Ambassador Of Honda Motorcycles And Scooters India

Akshay Kumar Celebrates Independence Day By Leading Indian Cricket Team to Victory!

Leading his Indian team to victory, Akshay commented, “The Brits loved it and now want a rematch – just for a laugh. But it is moments like this when I realise how far we have all come now.
There are some people who will always think that there are deep rooted hard feelings towards the Brits, but really there arent any at all!  If anything, there are more Indians over here in England now than there were British in India.” 
For me, its not about divide and rule, or I am free now, therefore I can do and act how the hell I want’. No, I feel free because I can cycle down the road in the very same country that ruled us once, with the wind in my hair and a smile on my face and not have a care in the world. That’s freedom to me!”