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AJD Records presents Put Em Up ft Amar Singh

AJD Records present a brand new single after 4 years by the world reknown Bhangra DJ, AJD! Featuring the devilish vocal talent of Amar Singh, ‘Put Em Up’ by AJD releases worldwide on Thursday 12/01/2017

Going from strength to strength in terms of his DJ career, AJD is touted as the ‘elite DJ’ on the circuit, with incomparable charisma on stage, and DJ abilities which even led Ex-BBC Presenter Tim Westwood to say it was “lights out for him” at an event! AJD was also one of the first to begin the “Facebook Live” DJ based shows in early 2016, amassing over 250k+ accumulated views in singular shows from a live stream.

AJD’s live DJ skills have catapulted him across to a worldwide audience. From Wedding events in places such as India, Malaysia, Canada, Norway, Kenya, or even being called up to DJ at the coveted “NACS Formal” event in Toronto Canada infront of a 2000+ strong asian based demographic, the name AJD is one that connects Bhangra lovers near and far.

Receiving appreciation on social media has always been a key aspect in AJD’s career who says that a support network is one that is always key to progression, over the years due to his packed out schedule, one question was commonly asked… “When is your next single releasing?”

So with that in mind, and as well as his strong hold over the DJ circuit, AJD decided to step back into the studio with his extended music team, Kaos Productions, for his next production venture “Put Em Up”, which has been eagerly anticipated since mid-2013. Having first entering the scene with his first single ‘Magic’ in 2012, AJD followed this up with ‘Khushiyan’ in 2013, both songs featuring the vocals of the PTC Voice of Panjab winner, Billa Ferozepuria, and which saw both songs peak in the top 3 of the UK charts upon release.

Put Em Up’ sees AJD team up with the devilishly talented Amar Singh (Also known as A.S Amar), to bring together an idea which has been in and out of the studio to events to trial and perfect, which now sees it’s beckoning on the 12th of January 2017.

Put Em Up’ is AJD’s return as an executive producer once again after 4 years, put together across a team of musicians, lyricists and project managers that have seen the product come to life. ‘Put Em Up’ is based on the term of “UK Desi Bhangra with a dark twist”, in no way has it been put together to follow a crowd of what seems to be working, it simply follows what AJD wanted to create based upon his style from previous releases. The video credits go to Frequency Ent in Canada who put the event on that AJD was called out to DJ for (NACS Formal 2016) that has been shot on 8K Resolution (First of it’s kind in Bhangra) at a location in Toronto, Canada by Divine Film Studio (Surinder Birdi).

Check out the trailer to Put Em Up: