AJA SONI – Kraj Featuring Raxstar OUT NOW


Kraj is back with his next single giving the audiences a trendy and catchy upbeat track titled ‘Aja Soni’ in collaboration with Raxstar on the vocals. The song is released un the T-Series banner, the team are hoping the song attracts a mainstream wider attention with the latest creation by Kraj.

Kraj spoke to Punjab2000: Well I think the main idea behind the track was to make an really commercial track but yet something which suits my style of vocals and style with some really catchy lyrics followed by a hip-hop genre music sort of music to it, I wrote the lyrics and later had a meeting with GSoni where I discussed the whole idea of the track and he seemed impressed and then we planned the concept behind the track and before we finished the mixing and mastering we really felt that having a rapper involved would be an extra essence which could gel in to make the track sounding awesome with a bit of Punjabi and rnb sort of rap. That’s where I got in touch with Raxstar’s management and we were ready to record the vocals and get it all finalised. I got a bit lucky when I shared the track with Tseries. They were happy to label it and release it.

GSoni talks about the new single. ‘The idea behind creating ‘Aja Soni’ was, I as a muscian and producer wanted to give it a whole different concept that would work well with Krajs vocal style, wanted to make the record commercial pop and snappy 1st time hear and you want to replay the song again. Its a blend of newage and retro sounds wich will grow on you along side the melody of the song.