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Akshay Kumar in Action Repalyy

‘Action Replayy’ Official Website builds up the hype ahead of Diwali release!

From the film synopsis and image galleries to funny scenes, bloopers and trendy choreographies, offers visitors to the site a nostalgic and retrospective journey back in time to the sassy 70’s. 
One of the most popular video clips available to watch on ‘Action Replayy’s’ Official Website is Zor Ka Jhatka,’ Akshay’s favourite song. “I love the beat of this song and it features one of my favourite dance moves,” the Bollywood hero comments. In fact, Akshay’s moves have become so popular and trendsettting that they are currently being copied by thousands of fans at Mumbai’s most hip nightclubs. 
The Website also contains other foot-tapping songs featured in the movie. As Akshay himself states “The music from this film makes you come alive: we have disco, we have classic retro, we have romance, holi, party numbers, we have a great ensemble of songs… so get ready to dance the night away!!” 
Other exciting content available at includes the official trailer and colourful, 70’s themed wallpapers and posters that will builds hype among visitors ahead of the theatrical release.  
‘Action Replayy’, directed Vipul Shah and starring Akshay Kumar and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, will be released in cinemas across UK and worldwide on 5th November 2010.  
To access all of the exclusive content and film memorabilia, please visit: