A Exclusive Interview with Pavan Raj Malhotra The Lead Actor of Eh Janam Tumhare Lekhe

The first Punjabi movie of 2015 “Eh Janam Tumhare Lekhe (EJTL)” is set to be released wold wide on 30th January. The film stars lead actor Pavan Raj Malhotra (Bhaag Milka Bhaag & Punjab 1984 fame) in the role of late Bhagat Puran Singh the founder of Pingalwara.


The film is being made by White Hill productions in association with Pingalwara and is directed by Harjit Singh who says, “Based on the life of Bhagat Puran Singh who committed his life to serving humanity and preserving the environment, ‘Eh Janam Tukhare Lekhe’ is an important chapter in the history of post – partition Punjab. A varied approach to meaningful events would carry great appeal and emotionally connect with the audience. The tireless research makes it a very authentic and genuine attempt.”

 Here’s the exclusive interview with Pavan Raj Malhotra

Sat Sri Akal Pavan Ji, my name is Nash of Punjab2000.com, I hope your well & thank you for taking the time out to speak to us today. Sat Sril Akal Nash I am fine to, thank you for asking.

Pavan, A well known saying of Bhagat Puran Singh is ‘Dignity in death is a birth right of each living thing. How do you even begin to play such a role?

During the filming of my first  Punjabi  film Punjab 1984 starring Diljit Dosangh which was released last year,  I was approached about acting  the role of Bhagat Puran Singh for a new Punjabi  film which the charity trust of Pinglalwara  had commissioned, this was the first time that i had heard of  Bhagat Puran Singh Ji as i looked into the role initially, I felt that there was a danger  I could not do justice to the great Bhagat Puran SinghJi and his life, then I decided that even if a fraction of this great man & humanitarian’s life could be shown, I would be honored to play it.  It’s a story that needs to be told and it would be a great experience to play the role.



You are originally from Delhi, so how did you find you find the challenge to play the role of Bhagat Puran Singh  who spent the majority of his life in Pingalwara which is in Amritsar, Punjab?

Although I live in Mumbai now, deep down I’m Punjabi and with my experience playing many different roles like my role as a cold-blooded mafia don in the Telugu blockbuster Aithe and my much acclaimed role in Black Friday, it was not that difficult for me to adapt to this role . The team on the sets of Eh Janam Tumhare Lekhe were brilliant and we didn’t experience any problems with dialect. I am currently working on two new films, one is again Punjabi and another one is Hindi.

As an actor your job is to play the part set out, however playing such a role of such an inspiration person did you find it difficult to show his humanity and do you feel that this has left a mark on you as a personal level ?

I am very  humbled  by  playing the role of Bhagat Puran Singh Ji, though I believe that his personal and selfless attitude can never be replicated, It is only possible to show a fraction of his life in a two hour film. Bhagat Ji carried homeless and sick people off the streets on carts, rickshaws, even on his back sometimes. People talk about global warming and ecological issues today, but he propagated environment-friendly living, saving water and electricity well ahead as he had a futuristic vision. one can never portray him 100 per cent in a film. On a personal level it has made me more humble and would urge everybody to visit Pingalwara and what ever small donation you make will be rewarded back into your life many times over.



You recently attended the music album launch of the film how did that go?

Yes it went really well at the the music album  launch, Bibi Inderjit Kaur who currently runs Pingalwara and also concentrates on organic farming was also present, it had been her mission to produce this movie.

“The album begins with a religious track ‘Aarti’ in which singer Sukhwinder Singh makes everyone sway to his melodious voice. ‘Lori’ by singer Harshdeep Kaur is another slow but harmonious song that will surely appeal to the listeners. Manno Mano lends his voice to ‘Mil Mere Pritam’ while ‘Main Prem Na Chaakhya’ has been crooned by Javed Ali.Both this slow tracks are a soulful delight. ‘Baata’ by Vicky Bhoi and ‘Kanna Mana Kurr’ by Zorawar Singh and Gurmoh have great lyrics. Title track of the move ‘Eh Janam Tumhare Lekhe’ by Javed Ali is a religious song that connects one to the almighty. Palak Muchhal has sung ‘Saada Rabb’ and ‘Sun Ve Poorna’ by Diljit Dosanjh are also a good listen.The rich music score soaked in traditional Punjabi sounds, Shabads, songs and the culturally rich rhythms emanate fresh waves of sound that the listeners will savour with delight”.

If Bhagat Puran Singh Ji was still alive what question would you like to ask him?

For me Bhagat Puran Singh Ji will always be alive in the form of Pingalwara, which is a living establishment, when I first visited the Pingalwara premises I spent time with the inmates and was touched by the healing atmosphere. I was amazed at these wonderful human beings, selflessly devoted towards giving a dignified life to the socially outcast. As individuals and actors, we live in a highly insecure world and a brand of charity. But here was a man, who dedicated his life to the seva (Service) of destitute and mentally challenged and stop at nothing. People talk about Mother Terese who was a saint in her own rights, but not many people outside of India, let alone Punjab no about Pingawara & Bhagat Puran Singh Ji. So hopefully this film will help spread awareness & educate people at the same time.

What do think makes a film a success?

I personally think for a film to be a success it needs  to bring something new to the viewers, its good we have good comedy  films but we need  to have variety as well ,with this film the entire world will get a glimpse about the sacrifices, humility and wisdom of this great Sikh in terms of his service to mankind is simply incomparable and you will see me in one of the finest performance to date.
My humble request is everybody to take time out to watch this film with the whole family, it is been released worldwide on the 30th Jan 2015.
Also Nash, if you can please tell your viewers / readers that I am unable to attend the UK Premier of the film next week, as I will be in Australia & we are currently doing very heavy promotion around Punjab & India for the film. I am actually in Amritsar as we speak, then will be traveling to Jalandhar & Patiala before we go to Delhi & then fly out to Australia






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