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2 States Film Review

2 States Movie Review

2 States Movie Review


Like the fate of most bestselling novels Chetan Bhagat’s novel is no different with the idea of blowing it up onto the big screen.  Those that have read the book which was released a few years back will know 2 States is a semi-auto biography of the novelist himself.  The question which was on my mind was Will it be as good as 3 Idiots and Kai Po Che or as bakwaas and bad as Hello? (all three films being Chetan Bhagat book adaptations).

Directed by Abhishek Verma,  Produced by Karan Johar and Sajid Nadiadwala. In the opening scene we see Arjun Kapoor talking to a Psychiatrist as he narrates the story of his life. We then see IIMA grounds which for those that don’t know stands for Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad.  Gujarat …Yes… yet another Bollywood film that highlights a bit of Gujarat, however the film is very much about Punjab and Tamil-Nadu which are the ‘2 States’

Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor play the characters of ‘Ananya’ and ‘Krish’ and if you have experienced University life then it won’t take you long to predict what happens next. Apart from the shed load of studying that goes on – Lol there’s quite a bit of fun added to spice things up!!

The first half of the film is about university days, exams, and semesters and how Ananya and Krish fall for each other in quite a no nonsense let’s do this sort of a way which is one thing I liked about the film, it’s fast moving and very much to the point.

The real drama actually begins when they decide to get married WITH their parents’ approval. But the problem becomes a struggle when their families disapprove of the opposite family because Krish is a Punjabi North Indian and Ananya is a Tamil Brahmin! According to these two orthodox families, the North and South can never collide. Does it eventually work out? Well you need to watch the film and find that bit out for yourself.

Alia Bhatt’s acting I felt was good and she was great in her feisty but somewhat sweet character.  She did remind me a little of Kareena Kapoor in ‘Jab We Met’ There was a bit of ‘Geet’ in her character. Alia looked fresh on screen and re-set the trend for the kurti and jean combo which although I wouldn’t don, but some women I’m sure will (again) Arjun Kapoor I’m not sure if it’s just me but I kept seeing a jhalak of Abhishekh Bachchan throughout the film. I liked Arjun’s acting in his first film Ishaqzaade. In 2 States his dialogue delivery is good and his acting was great in places especially the scene with his father played by TV Serial Actor Ronit Roy which was believable and intense. Arjun you can tell has also been working out quite a bit since and after ‘Gunday’ his face looks slightly more chiselled, however I still don’t think he has that ‘Hero’ glow about him.



It was pleasant to see Amrita Singh play the role of the typical ‘Punjabi’ Mother of Arjun Kapoor and she sits well within the film. There are some wonderful one liners and laughable moments that make this film an enjoy to watch. Revathy plays the role of Alia’s Mother and WOW has she let herself go? If you’ve watched the film ‘Love’ then you’ll know she was the lead heroine opposite Salman Khan in the early 90’s. Watch out in the movie for the rendition she does of one of my favorite songs ‘Saathiya’ from the film ‘Love’ which definitely was a flashback moment for me.

I found the music was to my ears. The song ‘Locha E Ulfat’ by Benny Dayal is a typical boy falling for girl song but it’s got a good vibe about it. My favorite two songs are ‘Iski Uski’ sung by the wonderful Akriti Kakkar, Shahid Malya and Shankar Mahadevan. The soothing sounds of Arijit Singh and Chinmayi Sripada in the beautiful song ‘Mast Magan’ was just boom for me. What a song – love it!! The South Indian Tamil melody really struck a chord with me. Delightful compositions of Shankar, Ehsan and Loy.

Overall the movie is trying to show that sometimes love isn’t enough and even though the conflicts between two different cultures is no big deal for the two that are in the relationship; it’s the parents that find it difficult to see beyond this.  After all in the Asian Community we don’t just marry each other we marry the entire family!!

A great entertainer – It’s a thumbs up from me.

Rating: ****/5

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