10 Reasons to Rest

Here are top 10 reasons you should learn to Rest.



Anyone can REST:
Everyone and anyone can learn to REST. Good quality REST is a skill that can benefit you in many ways to navigate through the stresses and strains of modern life.

REST is easy, quick and will make you feel vibrant.
The Relatively Easy Success Technique (REST) only take about 20-30 mins a day.
The results of quality REST, however, will last throughout your day making it easier to reach your goals for the day.

REST improves health:
The human body and mind work optimally when well rested.
There is overwhelming evidence that supports the positive health benefits of REST .
Many long term conditions that people suffer from are aggravated by stress and can be relieved significantly by REST
Good REST helps the body to reduce stress hormones, release dopamine and balance glycogen levels (yes, you can lose weight by resting).


REST improves relationships:
Good REST makes you less irritable, anxious and stressed. REST increases your ability to cope with challenging situations. As your capacity, tolerance and inner strength increases you will feel relationships improve. Ability to relate to other people can increase too!


REST improves performance at work:
We have all experienced that when we are well rested our performance levels increase.
Achieving our goals becomes fun and easy. Our Minds work better and we find creative solutions effortlessly.

REST allows people to craft better thoughts:
Instead of haphazard, fragmented thinking. A well-rested mind is focused and the thought process is smoother and more efficient.

Learning becomes easier:
Learning is a constant process in life. We continue to learn every day, new skills, new ideas, Learning is a part of life.
Again, a well-rested mind is more able to absorb and assimilate new information.



Good for Sleep:
REST will actually make you sleep more soundly and deeper, which in turn makes you feel more rested.
Once the mind is freed from constant chatter, anxiety and stressful thinking sleep becomes easier and blissful.

REST helps to relieve pain:
There has been some great research over the years that provides evidence that a rested mind can better cope with pain.
Studies in mindfulness and CBT show that a person’s ability to cope with pain and tolerance increase significantly.
REST can help to release endorphins. Endorphins are your body’s natural painkillers

REST helps with your self-expression:
We have all experienced moments when we are well rested. Life seems to flow easier, there is a spring in our step, and we feel naturally happier. In these moments our anxiety levels are lower and we can authentically express ur true selves.

REST is good for you. Try it today!


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