Waris Shah

Waris Shah – Gurdas Maan

After the huge success of “Des Hoya Pardes” Gurdas Maan & Juhi Chawla are back in what promises to be one of the biggest hits of the year  WARIS SHAH…

 Music is by the ever vicious JAIDEV KUMAR who has in recent years bought us many hits like “PUNJEERI”, “HEER” & “VILAYATAN”.

The sound track includes the amazing voices of ALKA YAGNIK, KRISHNA & KAVITA KRISHNAMURTHY. 

The sound track also includes the amazing tracks “KATRA MILA SAMANDAR SE” & “Couplets of HEER” which is an amazing 13 min track about HEER by the maestro himself GURDAS MAAN.

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