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TALAASH Film Review

Talaash – The Answer Lies Within – Film Review


Talaash, directed by Reema Kagti, stars Aamir Khan, Rani Mukerjee and Kareena Kapoor. A suspenseful crime, drama, thriller movie that keeps the viewers engaged at all times. The film takes a dramatic twist and turn through the storyline. This is an impactful change on screen as the story pursues towards a completely different and unexpected climax.


Aamir Khan plays a dominating role, which intrigues at all, times, although his role does not take up majority of the screen time as in his previous films. He plays a commanding police office showcasing his seriousness through incidents in his own personal life that have overtaken his mentality. Rani Mukerjee, portrays a very emotional character due to the circumstances of her son’s death. It brings sympathy towards her at all times due to what she has to deal with in the film. Kareena Kapoor plays a prostitute from Mumbai’s red light, playing as the second fiddle to Rani, Kareena glamour’s the screen with her seductive appearance.


The screenplay took a very unexpected turn and that was great. The production of the storyline constructed, kept the viewers wanting more, more as in, constantly stuck to the screen waiting for the next big thing to happen. Scene by scene, there probably was never a point from which it felt dull and lacklustre. Yes, there were at times some moments that are unrealistic but with the narration it flows in with the film well enough. But the attention grabbing moments are based on the investigation and the turn that takes.


Talaash is a MUST watch film, for once it is not all about Aamir Khan, it is a film that should be seen for the successful attempt in the suspense thriller genre. Does not disappoint at all, the music seemed unforgotten during the progress of the film but when they do kick in, the songs did not slow the film down. Go watch the film for an intense, mind-grappling blockbuster that will get the audience talking positively.


TALAASH movie rating – 5/5 

Making of Muskaanein Jhooti Hain from Talaash

Talaash is Aamir's 3rd film with a female director, from Deepa Mehta in Earth, to his wife, Kiran Rao, in Dhobi Ghat, & now Talaash with Reema Kagti

Talaash see's a return of the suspense drama to Bollywood, after the days that this genre was made popular, by film-makers such as Vijay Anand and Chetan Anand and there has been no other film made in this specific genre, of late -possibly since the last 20 to 25 years

Fun On The Sets of Talaash